Season 1 - Civilization 5 - Barbarian Age

Civilization 5/Civilization 6 Pitboss server discussion. Simultaneous 24 hour turns. AI will substitute if you miss a day.

Season 1 - Civilization 5 - Barbarian Age

Postby Protesilaus » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:36 pm

This is a sign up for the first Civilization 5 - pitboss game. Turns have a 24 hour timer and are taken simultaneously. Lets see which nation is superior.

Season 1 - Connection Info :
In order to get it working properly I needed to make the game public. I'll be kicking anyone who is not us.

You should be able to see the game under Multiplayer->Pitboss->Internet->GuildhallPodcast
In addition to retrieve email notifications, goto Options->Multiplayer Options and setup the Pitboss Turn Notification email information (Steam notification will probably not work)

For the initial game we will be playing on Prince Difficulty and no one can pick their starting leader.

Once you are ready, connect to the game and press the Ready button. You can then freely disconnect from the game.

Game Options :
We are playing on a Continents Plus, Huge Map, Quick Speed, Simultaneous play order.
Raging Barbarians
Complete Kills
Random Personalities
Policy and Promotion Saving Allowed
No Start Bias
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