Episode 3 - Exams

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Episode 3 - Exams

Postby Protesilaus » Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:30 pm

It is still early in the semester, but the first exams are here. Good luck to all the students.

* Restricted Game *
This game is restricted and signup is over.
Jorgën, Rickard, Paul, Garrett, Dan2 and Robert
* 6 Sessions Planned, potential for more after. *

A Day :
Evocation - Professor Baxxin - Fireball project due this week.
Gym - Professor Ryst
Illusion - Professor Whitestone
Artifice - Professor Goldemail
Currently have the "Ring" semester project

Adjunct Activity - Tuesday 6 PM - Familiar Studies - Mandatory - Professor Austenfeld
Students are expected to have a familiar by the second semester. Professor Austenfeld will be holding a seminar about forming a bond with your familiar.

B Day :
Conjuration - Professor Zuri
Summoning due in 1 week.
Enchantment - Professor Grayte
History - Professor Goodwall
Nethermancy - Professor Lightwall

Adjunct Activity - Thursday 6 PM - Infernal Dealings - Optional - Professor Austenfeld
Professor Austenfeld is holding a seminar about summoning Infernal creatures, forming deals with them, and how to avoid pitfalls of infernal contracts.

C Day :
Music - Professor Mussac
Divination - Professor Khairnarv
Abjuration - Professor Maera
Transmutation - Professor Ergent
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