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The Guildhall Podcast now has a Public Google Calendar that is meant to assist with scheduling and planning of games. As such, there are a few rules and regulations associated with the Calendar.

To use the Calendar, you need to be a part of our Google Group. To join, you will need to send your Gmail email address to an administrator who will add you to the group.
Invites go out as soon as a game is announced by a GM. They are sent to your provided email address.

1.) RESPOND - You are required to respond to an invite once sent out. The Options are "Yes," "No," and "Maybe." You must choose one of these options. Here is how.

2.) ADHERE - Your response is binding after the Tuesday before the game, so you MUST adhere to your response. If you are listed as "No," you will not be required nor allowed to appear in the game. If you are listed as "Yes," you will be required to attend and make an appearance in the game. If you are listed as a "Maybe," you will have another opportunity to change your availability by the Tuesday before the game in a secondary email sent to you. Anyone who does not respond will be considered a "No," and will not be factored into any gameplay.

3.) PLAY - Show up at the time and day posted. An Email reminder is sent out five days prior and a Notification on Google Calendar is set to go off 30 minutes before the game starts.

Weekends listed on the calendar as "NO GM" are considered open play days. No one is required to appear on those weekends if there is no event scheduled. If another GM wants to schedule a game for these days, they are allowed and encouraged to do so after speaking with an administrator. Be advised that if an event is added to the calendar it is the GM's responsibility to appear at the time stated and be ready for any and all players that have responded "Yes." Admittance of anyone that has not responded is at the GM's discretion.

On behalf of The Guildhall Podcast, we thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

-The Guildhall Podcast
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