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If you are a member of the Guildhall Podcast and wish to play in any games moving forward, we have created a Scheduling Hangout in Google Hangouts that all must join. This is to simplify reaching everyone while also making certain that all of us can communicate. The rules of this chat are simple:

1.) ONLY SCHEDULING WILL BE POSTED! We will only ever send out a message here when there are either new game sign ups with a link to the forum post OR for asking about schedules and posting the time and date of the game being played. These game will be announced ONLY by the GM of the game in question or the Moderator Legion.

2.) NO OTHER CHAT ALLOWED! This chat will not have any extra information posted. No jokes, no jabs, no questions. All further conversations are meant to happen on the Guildhall General Chat Hangout or on these forums.

3.) DO NOT MUTE NOTIFICATIONS! We will not be sending out many texts from this chat. Once or twice a week at the most. It is IMPERATIVE that no one mute this communication channel on their phones or in Hangouts as this is the last way we can get in touch with one another.

If you are not in the chat, do not wish to be in the chat, or do not participate in the chat when asked we will not be considering you for any future games. If you wish to be added, please contact the forums administrators or message someone in the regular Guildhall Hangout.

On behalf of The Guildhall Podcast, we thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

-The Guildhall Podcast
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