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Guildhall Podcast Forum Rules

The Guildhall Podcast is a group of people that enjoy many topics, hobbies, and ways of life. Your enjoyment is our top priority! We are a podcast that has made it our job to entertain and to that end, we don't ask for very much. We are all inclusive here, permitting that a few rules are followed while in our forums:

1.) No flaming or bullying other users. This includes above and beyond hatred or mocking of any one person, group, or ethnicity; the sharing of someones personal information other than your own to these ends are also prohibited.
2.) No pornographic links or content are to be posted or shared on this forum, nor allowed in avatars or in private messages.
3.) No content that is or would be considered illegal shall be shared or linked on this forum. We will cooperate with any and all law enforcement agencies for anyone violating this rule.
4.) No spam or content that would be considered spam will be shared or linked on this forum.
5.) You must join the Guildhall Scheduling Hangout if you want to be in any of our future games.
6.) You must have a good time!

All of these rules are very self explanatory, and will make for a better atmosphere. The podcast itself is explicit, and as such so shall be our forums. Should you happen to feel you are victim of any of the above rules being infringed upon, be sure to send a Private Message to either GuildhallPodcast, Protesilaus, or LegionoftheFirst. Infractions will be dealt with on a case by case basis and can result in warnings, your being unable to post, or your username and IP being banned.

We have begun to prune users that aren't members of the community, so it is very important that if you have just joined you go to the Member Introduction Forum to introduce yourself.

Thank you for coming to our forums and welcome to The Guildhall Podcast!
Welcome to The Guildhall Podcast. We are an actual-play comedy podcast showcasing gaming and gaming culture with a rotating cast of characters and players.
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