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Rodanian Family Blade (Longsword)Mlegendary (requires attunement)3This longsword was crafted from a single piece of Cold Iron. It was made during the height of the Rodania-Hartrider war and was the personal weapon of Edgal Renderal.
The weapon is considered Vorpal and non-Magical.Vorpal: You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. In addition, the weapon ignores resistance to slashing damage.
Humility (Holy Avenger)MLegendary (Requires Attunement)3You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. When you hit a fiend or an undead with it, that creature takes an extra 2d10 radiant damage.
Ring of Regeneration (Barony of Whiteclaw)RGRarity: Very Rare
Requires Attunement
Figurine of Wondrous Power, Ivory Goats (Barony of Whiteclaw)WRarity: Rare
A figurine of wondrous power is a statuette of a beast small enough to fit in a pocket. If you use an action to speak the command word and throw the figurine to a point on the ground within 60 feet of you, the figurine becomes a living creature. If the space where the creature would appear is occupied by other creatures or objects, or if there isn't enough space for the creature, the figurine doesn't become a creature.The creature is friendly to you and your companions. It understands your languages and obeys your spoken commands. If you issue no commands, the creature defends itself but takes no other actions. See the Monster Manual for the creature's statistics, except for the giant fly.
White Dragon Basilisk Armor (Studded Leather)LAlegendary (requires attunement)13This armor was made from the scales and leather of a Basilisk - White Dragon creature your family killed with the Twilight Warden. The armor is made from tough but flexible leather, studded leather is reinforced with close-set rivets or spikes.
White Dragon Basilisk Boots (Studded Leather)LAlegendary (requires attunement)13These leather boots are snug and feel quite warm. While you wear them, you gain the following benefits:
Soniver's Godplate Armore (Full Plate)HAvery rare65The armor is more pratical than ornate. It appears to be crudely designed, but is considered a holy relic by the Dwarves.
While wearing this armor, you gain a +4 bonus to AC. In addition, if an effect moves you against your will along the ground, you can use your reaction to reduce the distance you are moved by up to 10 feet.Godplate: You have resistance to nonmagical damage while you wear this armor.