Machine Spirit Oddity Ship Past Components Unique Items Hulls
Hypercube StaffWeapon The staff is nearly heretical with the Adeptus Mechanicus due to the source of the staff being an Electroleech Stave. Atop staff, floating in the center of a Faraday appears to be a small Hypercube.
5 Stun Charges, then the device is unpowered. A successful hit uses 1 stun charge (for shocking).
Shocking: A successful hit automatically shakes target.
Overcharge: The damage on this weapon is increased to Str+1d6 for 1 charge or Str+2d6 for 2 charges.
Balanced: Increase your parry by 1.
Stun Charge: Blunt weapons can be rigged to deliver a stunning charge of energy. After a target is hit by the weapon (including a Touch Attack), resolve damage. Then the victim must make a Vigor roll or fall prone and Incapacitated. At the start of each subsequent action, he makes a Vigor roll to revive. Success means he revives but is Shaken for the round and can recover on the next as usual A raise means he revives instantly and is not Shaken. An unpowered stun weapon does normal damage.
Edges: Danger Sense, Power Surge, Rapid Recharge.
Glavia Pattern Subdermal PlatingSubdermal Plating The Cult of the Micro-Omnisiah created this Subdermal plating to better protect the Techpriests of their order. The subdermal plating provides increased armor (+2) to the wearer, but also harbors millions of nanogenic machines designed to repair damaged done to their host.
Resident nanogenic machines heal the recipient when wounded. They automatically heal one wound per day and add +4 to rolls to resist Bleeding Out. They have a 50% chance per day of healing any disease or poison once it gets into the blood stream (assuming the character is still alive).