Machine Spirit Oddity Ship Past Components Unique Items Hulls
A Nose for TroubleMachine Spirit Oddity Something about this ship quivers at the thought of battle, always probing the cosmos for a new victim. Add +5 to the ship’s Detection, and reduce this ship’s Toughness by 3, due to its many battles. Occasionally, the crew may fnd themselves in fights they might have preferred to avoid.
Martial HubrisMachine Spirit Oddity The ship has a glorious legacy of warfare and triumphant combats. It is always eager to fght, and unwilling to back down. The ship gains +2 to all Shooting Skill Tests to fire its weapons, but suffers –4 on any Pilot (Space Craft) Tests made to escape combat.
Blasphemous TendenciesMachine Spirit Oddity Some unidentifable aspect of this vessel’s spirit resonates sympathetically with the Immaterium. Captains fnd this ship swims through the warp more easily, as if it was more at home there... All Navigation Tests made to pilot this vessel through the warp gain a +4 bonus. However, while aboard the ship, all crew suffer –2 to Willpower based Tests.
RebelliousMachine Spirit Oddity This vessel does not suffer authority willingly. At times is seems to take pleasure in interfering with the plans of its masters. During no more than one space combat per game session, the GM should randomly select one of the ship’s Components that becomes unpowered until repaired. However, whenever the ship suffers a wound (for any reason) roll 1d10. On a 10, the wound effect is ignored.
StoicMachine Spirit Oddity The vessel behaves like a beast of burden, plodding but reliable. Due to its somewhat plodding behaviour, whenever the crew would gain Proft Factor from an Endeavour, reduce the amount gained by 1. However, whenever one of the ship’s Component’s becomes damaged or unpowered, roll 1d10. On a 7 or higher, the ship shrugs off the damage and it is ignored.
SkittishMachine Spirit Oddity The ship fears battle, bucking against its masters when entering the fray. When in combat, reduce the ship’s Speed by 1 step. However, when not in danger, it runs eagerly and fast. Reduce the travel time for any long distance (between stars) voyage by 1d5 weeks, to a minimum of 1.
AdventurousMachine Spirit Oddity The vessel is eager to seek new horizons, to turn its bow from civilisation and delve into the darkness of the unknown. When participating in an Endeavour the ship gains +10 Detection, when not participating in an Endeavour it suffers –10 Detection.
Ancient and WiseMachine Spirit Oddity This ship is of a bygone age, having survived many millennia of voyages and adventures. It’s hull has weakened over the centuries, but it anticipates the needs of its crew, and will move as one with a competent master. The ship suffers –5 Toughness but gains a +4 bonus to any Pilot Actions it performs (including out of combat and ramming).
Fleet BoundMachine Spirit Oddity The ship as seen long action within the Imperium fleets or Mechanus fleet and as taken habits relative to it. Now on it's own the ship is reactions are sometimes out of sink like a lone soldier doing parade ground march on is own, however if this ship should engage within a fleet action it will take on it's own to dictate the right coordinate to the other ships in the fleet for a proper battle maneuver.
-1 to starship's structure for many battle scars, -5 to all ship combat maneuver action when on its own as the ship is eternaly waiting for is formation to catch up, when acting as par of a fleet +5 to all ship combat maneuver and to other ships it as contact with (scrambling will void the benefit to other vessels but not this vessel as it will still know how to react when in thigh formation). When using the ship as a fleet maneuver assistant, the many ships cogitators interacting cause lots of chatter in between ships, rendering stealth and other such actions virtually useless as the enemy is able to detect the many coded transmissions. The ship will also bring 250 achievement points toward en endeavor made in pair with Imperial fleet.
ResoluteMachine Spirit Oddity There is little in the universe that can stagger this vessel. No matter the foe, it will advance slowly but surely to meet it. The ship suffers –1 Speed, but gains +3 Hull Points and grants a +10 bonus to all Repair Tests.
WrothfulMachine Spirit Oddity The ship’s spirit constantly smoulders with anger. In battle, it explodes into a berserker fury, straining and exhausting its systems. During combat, the ship gains +1 Speed and +7 Manoeuvrability. Out of combat, the ship suffers –1 Speed and –5 to Manoeuvrability and Detection.