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First Mate


Dimensions 1.5 km long, .3 km abeam at fins
Mass 5.7 megatons
Crew 15,000 crew, approx.
Acceleration 7.6 gravities max. sustainable acceleration
Morale 100


AP 6, HW
The most common macrobattery, these are reliable, hardhitting weapons fring kilo-tonne ordinance, mounted along the vessel’s dorsal ridge or in broadside. Spike: Increasing power to this system will cause it to refresh, allowing to be fired a second time in this round.




Cobra-class Destroyer 30 0 -35
The Cobra-class destroyer is one of the smallest warp-capable ships in the Imperial fleet, and also one of the fastest. It fills two roles in the Imperial Navy. The first, and most common, is a torpedo vessel. Armed with massive anti-warship torpedoes, squadrons of Cobras are agile enough to dart into fleet engagements, launch spreads of ordinance, then flee—hopefully before their larger adversaries can hit them with a massed broadside.

Although no ship could be said to be mass-produced in the Imperium, the Cobra is one of the simplest to build, with a well-equipped shipyard able to construct one in only several years. This makes them popular with Rogue Traders who are— relatively—destitute. A Cobra can be far easier to procure than a cruiser, and still possesses a warp drive. Many Rogue Traders who do so retrofit a Cobra to remove the massive torpedo bays, however, to create space for cargo or other weapons.

Damage: Every time your ship takes a wound to the hull, your ship's toughness is reduced by 5. Your crew population is reduces by 1d6% (this is not recovered with patching).
Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive 0 -45 10
The STC standard drive for escort-grade warships.
Spike: Double your ships movement this turn.
Strelov 1 Warp Engine 0 10 10
Allows the vessel to enter and remain in the immaterium.
Offline: In combat, the Warp Engine can be taken offline to prevent overload. This also will prevent the crew from using it.
Damaged Warp Drive
This ship's warp drive has sustained damage over the course of its lifetime. Unless the Warp Drive is replaced, the ship is only able to travel in the warp for 24 hours, before having to leave the warp and cooling the drive for at least 24 hours.
Mars Pattern Macrocannon 1 4 2
The most common macrobattery, these are reliable, hardhitting weapons fring kilo-tonne ordinance, mounted along the vessel’s dorsal ridge or in broadside. Spike: Increasing power to this system will cause it to refresh, allowing to be fired a second time in this round.
Mark-100 Augar Array 0 3 0
The Imperial Navy’s standard sensor array.
External: This Component does not require hull space. Although it is external, it can only be destroyed or damaged by a Critical Hit. Sensitive: Increased power draw provides a +2 bonus to the ship’s Detection. Damage: All attacks are reduced by 4. If this system is wrecked, reduce all attacks by a 8 and firing can only be done at the weapon, not in the bridge.
Geller Field 0 1 0
Protects the vessel from the myriad dangers of the Immaterium.
Single Void Shield Array 0 5 1
A single double-layered void shield. Provides 1 Void Shield.
Recharge: Shields recharge at a rate equal to your ships size modifier (12) per round as long as they are not taking damage. If shields are depleted it takes a full round of no damage to start the recharge.
Spike: Increasing power to this system immediately causes it to regain 6 * Size Modifier (72) shields if it is currently charged or 3 * Size Modifier (36) shields if it is not.
M-1.r Life Sustainer (Transports, Raiders, Frigates) 0 3 1
The life-support system was designed for reliability and does little to remove the stink of oil and warp engine discharge.
Stale Air: Increase all Morale loss by 1.
Damage: Your ship is no longer cycling air. Increase any population loss by 1d10% for future wounds.
Fast Repair: This component can be repaired while your ship is in combat.

Support Personnel

Crack Crew 15000 (100%) General
Navigator 3 (100%) Navigation
Warp Priests 4 (100%) Occult Roll to leave the Warp
Adeptus Mechanicus 100 (100%) Tech Use / Repair
Members of the Adeptus Mechanicus can attempt to patch segements of your ship that have recieved damage. This does not remove wounds, but can mitigate other penalties from systems being offline.
Patch: Once per round, the Adeptus Mechanicus and patch a damaged subsystem. Patching additional systems will reduce the dice they recieve by 1 tier per additional system, to a minimum of a d4.


The following are actions that can be performed during combat. Each player can perform 1 action unless otherwise specified. A character can only be at 1 station on each round, each station can only be used by 1 character.
Action Name Skill Station
At the start of a turn, Pilots act first in reverse initiative order. This gives pilots with the highest initiative the most time to determine their actions.
If a joker is dealt everyone on the ship with the character with the Joker gains the +2 modifier.
Capital Ships have a turn radius of 45°s per turn over their full movement.
Heretek Repair / Tech Use Techpriest or Seneschel
A successful Tech Use check will establish you in the enemies system. Once this happens you will start the Heretek procedure on a seperate page (provided by the GM).
Quelling the Spirits Repair / Tech Use Techpriest
If you system has been infiltrated, you might need to remedy your ships machine spirits to remove the outside presence. Please see the Heretek page for your ship.
Lobotomize the Machine Repair / Tech Use Component
Techpriests can turn to this option as a last resort because it goes against the very teaching of the Omnissiah. If a subsystem has been infiltrated and you cannot quell the machine spirits, you could choose to kill them and force complete manual control over the system. This essentially disconnects the system from your bridge and forces you to take direct control over it. Using the system becomes far more difficult (-4) as it no longer responds the same.
Patch Repair / Tech Use Component
Whether through combat or not, your ship may take damage. While full repairs of the ship (restoring wounds) will require time and might require a drydock, you can remedy the machine spirits in the subsystems on your ship to get them operational. See the damage sheet for your ship for more information.
Each component that can be damaged has a damage tag in its description. If the component has no health remaining, it cannot be patched in combat. Even if a component is patched, it does not regain its wound until combat is resolved (and then you take the time to repair the system fully). Patching only removes some of the negative consequences of the damaged system.
Wrecked: If a system has no more health, it is offline until combat is over, you cannot get it running again.
Spike System Repair / Tech Use Techpriest
By divirting auxillery power into one system, you can cause it to overperform on the next use. See 'Spike' in a system's entry for information on how it can over perform.
Chicken Pilot Pilot
Can only initiate if both ships are facing each other. You lock your ship into a head on collision with the opposing ship, seeing who will pull off first.
Duel: You make an opposed Piloting check with the enemy vessel. Additionally the larger ship gets a bonus in the difference of the ship sizes. Each player then gets dealt 2 cards, the winning pilot gets an additional card and any raise above that gets an additional card. Deal 3 cards to the center. Whoever has the higher hand, 'wins'. They immediately can make 2 attacks (Prow + either Broadside) with a +4 advantage.
Push: If the poker hand is resolved as a push, your ships collide head on.
Evasive Pilot Pilot
You fly erratically to prevent the enemy vessel from getting a clean shot. For each success + raise, the enemy takes a -4 modifier to their shooting die. Additionally anyone on your vessel trying to fire also takes the same penalty.
Tactical Pilot Pilot
You attempt to give your weapons a clean shot, while minimizing the change you get hit. Make an opposed piloting roll. The winner gains +2 shooting and the loser takes a -2 shooting penalty.
Handbrake Turn Pilot Pilot
Make a Pilot roll. For each success and raise, you can turn your ship an additional 45°s.
Defensive Roll Pilot Pilot
You spin your ship in order to minimize damage to essential components. If damage is taken, an additional 2 component are rolled and you can choose which component takes the damage.
Covering Fire Shooting Weapons (Broadside)
Instead of attempting to hit the enemy ship, you direct your weapons into an area. If the enemy ship enters the space, they take damage. You can affect a line of up to 1/4 of your ships size (4), in the firing arc of the weapon, at your weapons range.