Morren Dynasty
Patron: Captain [Redacted] Morren
Galaxy Map: Link


Captain[Redacted] Morren
BrotherIznogoud Morren
First MateGutwrench
Torbjab Casz
Anat Lazarus
Kevinius "Crow Eye" Crowley
Romotai Cane
Valery Galt

Dynasty Strength

Profit Factor64


The Santa Dimfnah Dauntless Light Cruiser Link
The Filthy Vagabond Havoc Class Raider Link
Boris's Folly Falchion Escort Link
The Blind Faith Falchion Escort Link
The Night Lattice Cobra Destroyer Link

Unique Vehicles

Steve Vindicator Laser Destroyer Link
Hayden Vampire Raider Link
Valery Galt - Assault Bike Assualt Bike Link
Valery Galt - Inferno Power Armor Power Armor Link
Crew - Destroyer Power Armor Power Armor Link
Crew - Traveller Power Armor Power Armor Link
Crew - Shadow Power Armor Power Armor Link

Support Personnel

Adeptus Mechanicus 228 (100%) Tech Use / Repair
Members of the Adeptus Mechanicus can attempt to patch segements of your ship that have recieved damage. This does not remove wounds, but can mitigate other penalties from systems being offline.
Patch: Once per round, the Adeptus Mechanicus and patch a damaged subsystem. Patching additional systems will reduce the dice they recieve by 1 tier per additional system, to a minimum of a d4.
Imperial Guard - Iznogoud Brigade 71,161 (100%) Shooting, Fighting
Iznogoud Assassins 76 (100%) Shooting, Fighting, Stealth, Tech-Use (Heretek)
Shock Troops 10,484 (100%) Fighting, Shooting
Tempestus Scions (Anat) 14,414 (100%) Fighting, Shooting
Blessed Autosimulacra 11221 (100%) Repair
Raging Boar Platoon 2869 (100%) Fighting, Shooting
Raging Boar Tank Squad 22 (100%) Fighting, Shooting