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The Eastern Reaches

Travelers who head over the roads east from Rodania will find themselves in the Eastern Reaches. For 9 months out of the year they will be treated with a frozen landscape of wind torn planes. The region is treacherous, if not from the freezing cold, from its inhabitants. The northern and eastern mountain range, usually called the Silver Mountains contains the armies of Agathania the Merciless. A terrible ancient Frost Wyrm who protects her home with her extended "family". Every winter along the Ancestor's Pass, walks an army of Frost Giants who rejoin with their surviving brethren to attempt to reclaim their home. The remaining areas are home to Barbarian Clans, who their legends say, pushed the Frost Giants back north and have been protectors of this land ever since.


Only the hardiest Orcish and Human tribes call this place home. Berserkers and barbarians protect this land, the land they believe is their birthright. If you speak to the elders of the tribes they will claim that they wrested this land from the Frost Giants and I dare anyone to tell these men otherwise.

They aren't the only ones who call this region home. The armies of Agathania operates out of the mountains that run along the far east near the ocean. They defend those mountains with an fervor almost equaled to that of the barbarians. Agatha's isn't a member of the Draconian Council, although she is powerful enough to keep most of the other Dragons from intervening on her lands. The barbarians and the dragons have an uneasy truce, as neither wants to risk an invasion of the other's lands.

The last major force in this region of the world is the Frost Giants themselves. Nearly every winter the barbarians find themselves fighting an incursion from the north as the ice extends down to form a bridge into the Forever Lands. To the Frost Giants, every area the ice touches in part of their domain, and as the cold of winter comes, that ice extends farther and farther south.

Magic in the Eastern Reaches

Those who travel this area will find spells channeling flames to be dulled, while natural flames seem to still work fine. A light torch may have more of an effect here than a fireball. Cold spells are heightened to an incredible degree, especially in winter. Frostbyrne Academy makes use of this effect to train students in cryomancy. It also isn't abnormal to have a blizzard roll in after a heightened battle with magic. Necromancy has an odd effect, during the winter months, necromancy effect are heightened. The bodies of the dead take more of the spirit of the deceased with it, gaining traits they used in life. Necromancy is seen as a great dishonor to the Barbarians, although this usually only applies to the spirits and bodies of their dead kin.

The Frost Giants

Every winter forces from the Elemental planes journey south across the Ancestor's Pass and into the regions to the south. Agathania usually has her forces ignore the Frost Giants and lets them fight with the Barbarians all winter. Come the summer, the Frost Giants usually migrate to the mountains and attempt to make a stronghold till the next winter. The clans have been growing in strength at (Former Draconic Fortress in the Silver Mountains) in the Silver Mountains. Here their numbers have swelled and continue to grab more land from both the giants and Agathania.

Areas of Interest

The Ancestor's Pass

The Ancestor's Pass is a small gap in the Silver Mountains about 10 miles wide. During the winter months the region is covered in snow that blows down off of the mountains. A bridge of ice extends across the ocean into area the barbarians call The Forever Lands where it is always winter. The Frost Giants travel this route south into the Eastern Reaches. The area is flat and cold, as a hard wind blows across it.


The only "civilized" town in all of the Eastern Reaches. For most of the year you can see the Frusenholm for miles, not from the structures in the city itself, but from the miles of tents. The permanent section of the city is small but very well maintained. There is a few large barns for the caravan pack animals, several small inns and taverns and many trading outposts. Most of the barbarians take with them small trading totems (minor trinkets and curiosities made of bone) as well as fine furs. If your staying in the city be sure to visit (Tavern Name) or the (Restaurant), unless you just want to stay in a Lumpy Gnome Inn. From the docks you can easily find travel Rodania, Cassius or (Tarnase City).

Ancient Battlefields

The Eastern Reaches is home to many ancient battlegrounds. It is an area where thousands have died. There are days when the battle begins once more. Thousands of spectral warriors seem to charge forward against their foes. The spectors will attack anyone on sight, but stay within the area of the battle. Necromancers may attempt to find one of these ancient sites to draw upon the energies, but those who dare can quickly find themselves attacked by the dead armies, or even barbarian tribes wishing that their ancestor's battle remain undisturbed.

The White Keep (Consider different name)

Deep within the Silver Mountains lies the White Keep. The White Keep is home to Agathania, but those who keep a keen eye may notice something about the architecture. The Keep itself is set high into the mountain, and dug inside very deep. The halls of the keep is adorned with Silver and precious gems (I mostly saw Ruby's and Sapphires, but I never got an invitation to search through it much more than that).

The origin of the White Keep seems obvious, it is Dwarven in nature. Searching around the Silver Mountains, you can still find statues of ancient Dwarven Kings throughout the area. I searched for records of the clan who lived there, but have not been able to find out who they were. The secrets of the Dwarven clan, and possibly what happened to them after Agathania took over the stronghold is probably locked inside.