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The Grand Desert

No one knows what created the desert in Tarnese. It is larger than any in the world. Hundreds of miles of sand and wind bringing scorching days and freezing nights. It may surprise you to know, it is also the most arcanely charged area in the world. Some say a god died here, others that all magic originates here, what we know is that magic in the desert never works the same as other regions. You will find spells amplified, reversed, their effects random. Teleportation magic is insanely unreliable. The strongest practitioners in the world claim to have trained in the desert, learning from the environment on how to control the wild elements. I am not sure I believe those who claim that, since the inherent instability is basically random, but they can claim. There are a few who not only survive here, but strive. First are the Elemental Touched. The legend goes, the mortals who lived here before the calamity were changed forever from the wild magic. These clans still live in the desert, guiding outsiders through the wilderness safely. Then their are the Fey creatures who inhabit the space between the planes. Walking among the Wandering Lands and our own. Sunken Cathedral of Reshep is here and home to Reshep the Ancient dragon who overturned Tiamat's rule and formed the Council of Wyrms. Now it serves more as a retreat to the Ancient Dragon.


Tarnese is a region of extremes. The daytime is scorchingly hot, temperatures over 140F (60C) at its most extreme, but after 12 hours comes the freezing nights, where the temperatures drop to -20F (-17C). Travelers have to seek shelter at both times of the day, traveling between the extremes. Once travelers learn to be comfortable with the temperature they have to face two obstacles with the weather. First at either times of the day there can be tremendous windstorms which can choke or bury the unprepared. One can be resting safely in their tent only to succumb to being buried under a mountain of sand. The other rarer event are monumental storms that rage across the desert, wind, rain, hail, lightning are all called down. Legends tell of the Storm Giants who descend from the clouds during these times to lay waste to the settlements and travelers.