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Agathania the Merciless

Deep within the Silver Mountains lies the home of Agathania the Merciless. She is perhaps the most prolific dragon in the world, as she has hundreds of children throughout the world. Some claim that all Frost Dragons can claim their lineage to her. She is ancient, she has survived since the world was young, she has outlived most of those who sought her death, either through her longevity or ferocity.

She does not have the protection of the Council of Wyrms nor has she sought a seat. For her, family is all that matters, though the strength of her army is not in her children alone. She has an army which contains members of all of the Draconic races. Millions of smaller drakes serve her call. Outside of the council itself, no other dragon has more power of arms than Agatha. If she wishes, her armies would roll over the entire north, decimate the Barbarians and could march onto Rodania possibly wiping the country off the map.